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Navy logo for 150 Neptune


150 Neptune is an Encinitas vacation rental home located on iconic Neptune Avenue. It’s packed with amenities and includes its own concierge. The goal of this project was to create an identity that embodied its luxury and finesse.


150 Neptune


Rental Real Estate

Scope of work

Visual Identity
Website Design

Mood Board Progression

We decided against using a bright and active mood board as it wasn’t in line with the personality of Encinitas. Using the photos of the locale and the actual interior furnishings, we created a muted color palette. The scripted typography was beautiful, but excluded the majority of their target audience – it also did nothing to elevate the brand. The sans serif, albeit custom made, modern and clean, was an improvement, but not on the mark. The final decision to use a serif typeface, which was inspired by a vintage west coast poster, proved to be a perfect fit.

Photo Inspiration

Using a combination of local images and tropical imagery, the photo board started to paint a picture of the overall tone for 150 Neptune.

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150 Neptune